Darjeeling Car Rental

Darjeeling Car Rental with Driver | Taxi Service in Darjeeling

The best Darjeeling Car rental services are here at Baby Tours & Travels. Have the best experience of Darjeeling with hassle free tour with well maintained vehicles. Book your tour destination and travel with freedom at your own pace. Explore Darjeeling’s finest attraction smoothly while relaxing with Baby Tours & Travels.

Why Choose Baby Tours & Travels Darjeeling Car Rental over Others?

Darjeeling car rental is a popular travel axis for tourists visiting the Queen of hills Darjeeling. Hiring a vehicle with Darjeeling car rental assures you of a comfortable and relaxing car tour. Baby tours & travels, a tour operator in Siliguri will offer you the best services and vehicles for your tour to Darjeeling. As Siliguri being the major gateway to all the beautiful spots for North Bengal and Sikkim majority of tourists can be seen all year round. In this blog we will understand why Baby tours & travels is the best tour agency to book your car rental service for Darjeeling tour. Hiring a vehicle for Darjeeling tour with Baby Tours & Travels comes with a lot of facilities, hospitality and safety. With us you can have the most amazing tour experience of the quaint hills.

Some Key benefits of Darjeeling car rental services from Baby tours & travels 

  1. Fleet of vehicles
  2. Well maintained and reliable 
  3. Comfortable Seating
  4. Diverse destination
  5. Affordable and cheap 
  6. Own itinerary
  7. Privacy 
  8. Safety and security

Explore Darjeeling with Affordable Cab Services in Darjeeling:-

Darjeeling is a hill station that offers major tourism. Tourists can be seen all year round having the best glimpse of the queen of hills. Baby Tours & Travels offer cab service in Darjeeling for your local sightseeing and pick/drop. With our cab service you can have an exciting sightseeing and local tour hassle free and smoothly. Visit the local sightseeing sights and indulge in the lifestyle and culture with freedom.

Some of the best sightseeing experience with our cab service in Darjeeling:- 

  1. Watch the mesmerizing sunrise in Tiger hill about 20 kms aways from the main town Darjeeling
  2. Himalayan wildlife habitat at Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park. Witness Himalayan wildlife and history of mountaineering in Darjeeling HMI.
  3. A look into the world’s first tea estates of Happy Valley and Singtam .Witness beautiful tea gardens and immerse in the freshness of Tea . A 20 mins ride from the main town Darjeeling 
  4. Visit to the highest railway station in India : The Iconic Ghum Station 15 mins away from the main town. 2,258 meters
  5. A serene escape to the Rock Garden \The Ganga Maya Park encapsulates the beauty of hills with Chunnu Falls flowing beautifully  
  6. Explore the woods of Lamahatta. Indulge into the deep pine woods of Lamahatta. Enjoy the local culture and fall in  love with people’s hospitality.
  7. Witness the UNESCO world heritage DHR(Darjeeling Himalayan Railway) or the TOY train  at Batasia Loop. A complete glance of the quaint town. 
  8. Visit the tranquil Peace Pagoda. Get lost in harmony at the Japanese Temple. 

There is so much else to be explored in Darjeeling. You can indulge in the culture and lifestyle and experience the true beauty of Darjeeling . These are only  some of the best sightseeing spots of Darjeeling that you can experience with our cab service in Darjeeling.You can choose your favorite destinations and enjoy the freedom of traveling anywhere in the queen of hills with our cab service in Darjeeling.

How to book Darjeeling Sightseeing Car Rental with Baby Tours & Travels?

There are many tour agencies that offer Darjeeling sightseeing car rental but it can cost you a bit high. Finding a genuine and reliable car rental service for sightseeing in Darjeeling is now made easier with Baby tours & travels. You can instantly book a taxi through our website and enjoy effortless sightseeing with our professionals.  You can hire any type of taxi for your favorite destination through our website or you can contact us directly. Choose your preferences and enjoy the ride with guidance and safety. 

You can also consult a local tour operator who will manage you a vehicle but with baby tours there is no hassle for travelers. You can just directly visit our Travel Packages , choose the vehicle you want and choose your deals then enjoy the smooth journey.

Wide range of cars for affordable car booking in Darjeeling:-

There are numerous  taxi service in Darjeeling that offer sightseeing but some can cost you unreasonably expensive with less service and destination. So hiring from a trusted local operator is the best option to go for. Baby tours & travels offer numerous fleets of vehicles according to your requirements. From hatchbacks to SUVs you can get your favorite rides and head out for a smooth and memorable journey.

Models   SeatsSuitable for
Innova7 seaterSuitable for long journeys /luggage area
Swift Dzire4 SeaterSuitable for Short Journeys and pick up/drop 
Baleno4 SeaterSuitable for Short Journeys and pick up/drop
XUV 5007 seaterSuitable for long journeys /Luggage area
 Xylo7 SeaterSuitable for long journey

For each journey there is a suitable vehicle available with Baby tours & travels. You can go offroad or cruise into the hills smoothly and enjoy the serenity with our car booking in Darjeeling. Live life to the best and fullest in the Queen of Hills with Baby tours darjeeling car rental services .

Why choose Darjeeling taxi Package for the best local sightseeing in Darjeeling ?

It’s better to choose the Darjeeling taxi package for local sightseeing than hiring a cab or public transport. Booking a Darjeeling taxi package is better because with baby tours & travels you get a local professional behind the wheels who will make your journey hassle free and smooth. You can just sit back relax and enjoy the beauty of Darjeeling Hills

Hiring a vehicle from Baby tours & travel , Darjeeling car rental service will give a a full on experience to the unseen of the Darjeeling hills. Visit every beautiful and fascinating site with darjeeling car rental services. Enjoy the culture, nature and lifestyle of the hills with affordable deals and prices at Bay tours and travels. Visit our website at Baby Tours & Travels and book your tour now with us .


1. How to rent a car in Darjeeling?
ANS:- You can hire directly from our website at babytoursntravels.com or hire from a local tour operator which may cause you some hassles and disrupt your journey.
2. Can we rent a car in Darjeeling?
ANS:- Yes you can rent a car in Darjeeling. You can consult an travel agency or hire from a local taxi operator 
3. How much is a taxi from Darjeeling to Pashupati market?
ANS:- A taxi fare from Darjeeling to Pashupati might cost around 3200 depending upon the vehicle. You can travel through a public transport which can save you a lot of cash
4. Can you provide Darjeeling taxi service Contact no?
ANS:-You can contact Baby tours & travels Darjeeling taxi service at +91 89276 19832 / +91 81167 44711.
5. What are the various options available for car rental in Darjeeling?
ANS:-There are various options for car rental in Darjeeling you can hire for sightseeings or pickup to any destination. Tour packages for each day and many more depending upon your budget.
6. Is there Ola in Darjeeling?
ANS:- No there is not OLA in darjeeling but you can find taxi operator for every destination 
7. How many days are enough for a Darjeeling Trip?
ANS:- For a complete glance of Darjeeling . About 4 days is enough to explore all the unseen. 
8. How can I hire a car for Darjeeling sightseeing car rental?
ANS:- You can visit any local taxi operator or directly visit our website for instant booking.